Memories & Remenicence

I have created this blog to progress through the work i have done for my AS Level photography. I hope to show this eventually

Research into Horacio Guzman

From his personal blog -

To me, photography and reality are indivisible. And because of this, I have chosen the following rules as foundation for every photo I make.

1. Be truthful, respectful and humble to the people I photograph.

2. Investigate and understand the stories I choose in order to show accurate images.

3. Approach essays with objectivity and without any prejudices.

4. Image manipulation or Photoshop have no place in true photography and therefore I neither retouch my photos nor crop them. All my images are made in full manual mode, using a prime lens and without flash.

5. And always remember my photography motto. The first photo is made with my eyes, heart and soul. My camera is only an instrument which helps me capture those images. But first I must see! ¨.

These images are done on a scanner.

I used the idea of their hands showing that it’s their memory, it also makes it more personal and individual

To make the images look more like his work -  I changed them to black and white like his images.

This is the start of my work creating images like Horacio Guzman. 
I have got them to write down what they feel about the toys they are holding.

Horacio Guzman’s timeless memories project was an on-going project for him to find the oldest person in the city of Barcelona. He searched around and found many people. He went to a retiring home where he got told about a woman who was 108 years old. She had worked to keep her family happy and when asked what’s the secret to living so long, she simply replied:
"To be happy"

I think this is a vital part of growing old - to stay happy. You’ve lived your whole life and you have hundreds of individual memories that bring different feelings and memories.

I want to recreate his images by photographing people holding objects that are close to them as memories. This will show how different people have different memories from their lives, whether it be something from their childhood or something more recent in their lives. They could hold anything close to their hearts and keep as treasured memories. Things like toys and photographs could bring memories flooding back.

Your hands can show many different feelings and can tell the story of your past. You use them to help to tell people stories and to show romance.

I want to focus on the showing of romance from your hands. As you get older your hands become tattered and wrinkled, but this doesnt stop people from holding hands and showing that they love someone.

When I see older people holding hands it makes me see that you can find people who love you for the rest of your life, and even if you go through hard breakups there will always be someone who can see through that and love you for who you are.

I have decided to develop my ideas from Jim Goldberg and writing over photographs to showing and writing about feelings from certain occasions. I want to start to focus on relationships and weddings as these are happy memories to people who may be away from home. They are probably the best parts of life and finding someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with is an amazing thing to have.

As you go through life, the reason why you hold hand changes, as a baby you have a reflex to hold onto things even though you lose this reflex, it doesn’t stop you from holding hands. As you grow up you hold hands for safety and security from your parents and then as you get into adulthood you hold hands to show that you are proud to be with them and it’s a way of showing affection towards someone. You place a ring on someone’s hand to show you love them – everyone dreams of finding someone who you can marry, it’s the best way of showing you love them. As you get older, people hold hands for guidance and support as people may become reliant on others to help them do tasks.

I have edited this photo a little bit to make it darker, however I think that it makes it look better. I have also cropped it so that it’s more to one side and less central in the image. 

I have edited this photo a little bit to make it darker, however I think that it makes it look better. I have also cropped it so that it’s more to one side and less central in the image. 

These photographs are of my grandparents holding hands.

There is something lovely about seeing old people happy together..